• Diferente al Resto - Koresh
  • My Father [אבי] - Koresh
  • The Law - Koresh
  • UniVerso - Koresh
  • Prison - Koresh
  • Juicio Final - Koresh
  • Universidad - Koresh
  • Universal - Koresh
  • One [אחד] - Koresh

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Canis Major Army is an Independent Hip Hop Label mainly focused in Spiritual Warfare, exposing the evils of the world through Hip Hop Music and Scripture Teachings, bringing to light and explaining End Time Prophecies fulfilling in our days, the Beast rising as the Illuminati’s New World Order and the false prophet in charge of the whore of Babylon working to deceive the masses with their christ, the False-Messiah, very soon.

Our goal is to wake up the world to the Truth, to make known the good news of the Kingdom, the real one, governed by the Most High Yahweh and His Son Yahushua HaMashiaj, the Savior.

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  • I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/X4zaOVIp2p UFO Destroys 'Space X' Rocket Aliens | Fallen Angels6 hours ago
  • I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/Pv1Y3wzAnH Stephen Hawking Warns about Extraterrestrials Coming Fake Alien6 hours ago