• Get Sirius - Sirius [Album: Get Sirius]

Song: Get Sirius!
Artist: Koresh
Album: Get Sirius!
Beat by Sirius

This one goes out,
to all my people, around the world
searching for the truth, you know
who ever got ears, use ’em to hear

1st Verse
This is Sirius business
The world’s a mess
They made it the Phoenix’s nest
So is gonna burn, remember the words
Cause is going, from bad to worse
But why stress?
I hold a bullet proof vest
Spiritual, unlike the rest
Fighting for blood, trying to kill the flesh
And raise the crip, Freemason’s guest
Is way too deep, relax and don’t slip
I’ma tell you what is hid
Blowing up the lid
Shining real light, that’ll easily destroy the lie
Holding a light, that is gonna go bye, bye
They gonna go dim and cry, why!?!
Cause you leading the masses to die
And think your asses won’t happen to fry
By making your dead god come alive
With death and hell coming behind
Those that fell giving it a last try
But is a done deal, the zeal will burn you for real

Who ever got ears, use em to hear
Get Sirius!
Who ever got eyes open em wide
Get Sirius!
Who ever got ears, use em to hear
Get Sirius!
Who ever got eyes open em wide
Get Sirius!

2nd Verse
Tell me can’t you see the sings?
Of the times and how the end is nigh
We at the end of the night, the thief is in
While you all hypnotised, about to get cleaned
Hoping for illusions, all false dreams
It is all vanity, personality, fake to the rim
Don’t awake, to stop and think
How come the world, I used to know, is now so bleak?
Making me, wanna blow out the tip and flip
The restrain in your mind is strong and thick
Supported by the mighty TV
Telling us, how we supposed to be
Supposed to eat, what to take if sick, or weak
If you wanna sleep
Or you rather see news spitting propaganda?
All in pro Illuminati’s agenda
And then I go and switch to TBN
And there’s your friend, Jesus needing money for rent
For god’s end and the prosperity clan
Letting the sheep starve to death and sent right to the slaughter
While they enjoy the fruits of dishonour
Having one eye in your pocket
The other has darken

Who ever got ears, use em to hear
Get Sirius!
Who ever got eyes open em wide
Get Sirius!
Who ever got ears, use em to hear
Get Sirius!
Who ever got eyes open em wide
Get Sirius!

3rd Verse
And please keep all eyes open
For the All Seeing Eye
Up in all successful companies
Like CBS, it ain’t BS, but Sirius Business
Since is found in every dollar bill
Watching down a hill the plan to go in order
To form a New World Order
Hell, get rid of the border
Be one under Obama
And remain on earth for Lucifer Saga
Thanks to stars such as puppet Lady Gaga
Working hard together to capture
Each one of your souls in a rapture
For the creature they revere for sure
Throwing up the pyramid in shows
With the eye in the mid
You can see, Jay (Z) do it a bit
Or inside, an ok hand sign, with the triple six
Yes, the name of the beast
And still y’all follow this so-called “artists”
Like Lil Wayne and Drake, all smell fake
Kanye West and the rest
Counting Eminem, I mean all of them
Yes it’s sad, I understand
But is true, – Understand?

“This shall be a sign to you:
You shall eat this year such as grows of itself,
And the second year what springs from the same;
Also in the third year sow and reap,
Plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them.
And the remnant who have escaped of the house of Yahuda
Shall again take root downward,
And bear fruit upward.
For out of Jerusalem shall go a remnant,
And those who escape from Mount Zion.
The zeal of the YHWH of hosts will do this.
Isaiah 37:30-32



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