• Flow Eternal - Major C, Souljah and Sirius [Mixtape: The Countdown]

Song: Flow Eternal
Artists: Major C, SoulYah and Koresh
Mixtape: The Countdown

2nd Verse | Koresh
Everybody give it up for the real hip hop
Lyrics so deep
The pressure about to blow the beat
Up, in a sea of words
It is only one which saved the world
The Word – and that’s word
Flow so eternal
My songs will be relevant
Even after the millennium
My rhymes will travel through your cranium
Elevating your soul like helium
Chilling in the kingdom,
No cops around because we rule this town
Everybody feeling every sound
Seeing my thoughts even with eyes close
Tasting the notes
The kick shaking your crown
The king? check him right now
While He can be found
before the enemy’s bound
Unless with him, you wanna go down
Profoundly in the ground
Surrounded by the most intense heat
An astounding defeat comes to those who get a chip
And obviously to the one giving it to his sheep
it is all written,
so I’m just spitting words from the spirit
Connected to the highest ceiling
When my heavenly Father is sitting
While I’m here showing the meaning of secrets concealed from the beginning
Healing the body and soul, by sealing the mind of the chosen kind
Those walking behind the Son of the Most High



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